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FatCat Ace of Games ULTRA Now Available As TITO With Full Playsafe Integration.

We're Constantly Improving Ace Of Games. In 2024 We've Already Added Full Our "Quonnect" Remote Machine Management System And We offer The ULTRA Cabinet As TITO With Full Playsafe Integration.

Ace of Game ULTRA Features

Brand New Gaming PC

17 CatB4 & CatC Games

Full Playsafe Integration

New Unique Ai Games

Hybrid CatB4 & CatC Menu

Quantum Connect Ready

Ongoing New Content

Cashless Payment Enabled

Why Not Try Something Different And See How Ace Of Games Can Enhance Your Offering.

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FatCat Develop 3 More Games Ready For Online Integration.

Fishing Fortunes, Dragon Falls and Double Or Muffin become the latest three games developed by FatCat ready to integrate into any existion online platform.

These three new titles join

Giant Gems

Jackpot Chip Roulette

ShowTime Rainbow Wheels


Virtual Dog Racing

Virtual Horse Racing

into our portfolio.

We will be attending the ICE London 2024 if you would like to talk to us about these games, future games and integration.

For More Information, Go To Our Online Games Section


FatCat Quonnect Machine Management System Goes Live.

Quonnect is the most comprehensive machine management and monitoring system there is.

Quonnect allows you to see all your connected Ace of Games machines in real time.

Simply connect to the Quonnect Web Portal from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and get instant access to a world of real time data from all your Ace of Games machines.

You can monitor machine connection data, hopper levels, machine errors, game, financial performance and more.

Quonnect gives you total control over your machines enabling you to remotely monitor game charts, plays, average stake, cashbox share, VTP, wins, payout percentage as well as monitoring machine cash in, cash out and total machine cash levels.

You can also set alerts to desktop, laptop or mobile for key events such as machine errors which means Quonnect will notify you instantly when there is something unusual or wrong with your machines giving you you peace of mind 24/7/365.

Quonnect also enables us to download new games and undertake system updates. In the event of a security issue, you can disable games and peripherals.

Quonnect is the complete machine monitoring and management system connecting the operator, the venue and the player.

If you would like to know more on how Quonnect can reduce site visits, operator time and costs just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

For More Information, Go To The Quonnect Website


New Ace of Games G-Star Cabinets Rolling Out Fast.

We know there are many G-Squared Casino King+ cabinets out there with faulty and unsupported PC’s. Along with the knowledge that the old G-Squared games and software are no longer supported and no further game updates being available, which has resulted in many being taken off site. 

The good news is FatCat have THE solution to get these cabinets back in operation and earning money again. 

The appetite for these low-cost factory conversions has greatly exceeded our expectations and as well as converting operators existing cabinets, they’ve been asking for more. This has led us to also advertise for unwanted G-Squared Casino King+ cabinets to try and fulfil demand. 

Weather you already have G-Squared Casino King+ cabinets or not, the New Ace of Games G-Star is available as CatC or as a CatC/B4 Hybrid. 

The Ace of Games G-Star is the best G-Squared Casino King+ conversion there is. The simple and quick factory conversion features:- 

• Brand New Gaming PC
• 17 CatB4 / CatC Games
• New Unique Ai Games
• Hybrid CatB4 / CatC Menu
• Quonnect Ready
• Ongoing New Content
• New HD Menu & Games
• Multicoloured LED Lighting
• Cashless Payment Enabled
• Dataport Enabled 

Ace of Games G-Star now features the first of our ground-breaking Ai games. We currently have six games in development, many of which also utilise our Ai system. This unique and innovative approach to game design is set to be a game changer for the player.  

Giving your G-Squared Casino King+ cabinets a new lease of life couldn't be easier. We pick up your cabinet, work our magic and deliver it back to you ready to site. 


No Ongoing Fees Makes Ace of Games the Cat’s Whiskers for Independents.

FatCat Softworks is entering a new era with a bold offer of a CatC/B4 offer free of content contract and the backing of a leading distributor. 

FatCat, which was founded back in 2015 by Paul Slavin and David Ash (previously of FatSpanner), has been a constant in the UK gaming industry, creating innovative gaming products and offer bespoke software and hardware products to clients in the gaming sector and outside. 

The company has a software development team with a background in land based and online gaming and there is seemingly nothing they can’t turn their hands to including Cat B3, Cat B4, Cat C, Cat C Lite, Cat D, SWP along with Mobile and Online. Now, however, the company is looking at a new opportunity and along with existing conversions and rebuilds to supply the single pub/club market with a brand-new premium product. 

“ The move was inspired by the realisation that the FatCat content on the company’s B4 games, which it was using on its Cowells Arrow conversions, and distributed exclusively through Automatic Machine Services, was standing up to, if not outperforming some of the more mainstream suppliers’ offering on site.” 

“It made us realise that we didn’t need to just solely concentrate on this end of the market. Following conversations with independent operators and distributors, we also understood that the UK single site sector was crying out for an alternative supplier, that wasn’t vertically integrated with its own operation,” says Paul. 

FatCat invested heavily in its brand-new CatC/B4 cabinet marketed as Ace of Games Ultra, creating a full HD menu and converting all its games to HD. They are also working on community games and TITO for the arcade market. The company has also invested heavily in its new “Quonnect” system which will give the operator the choice to connect their Ultra cabinets to the “Quonnect Connect” portal from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. They can get instant access to machine connection data, hopper levels, machine errors, game and financial performance and to download new games and more. The system will also notify you instantly when there is something unusual or wrong with your machines. We feel the new “Quonnect” system is as good if not better than any existing machine connection system currently in the market. 

The decision to avoid ongoing content fees is strategic. “We obviously know that this is a rich source of revenue to manufacturers, but we also understand it can be unpopular with some operators who feel that they do not really ‘own’ the machines that they buy. Effectively, if they stop paying for the content – what do they actually have? We felt that there was a gap in the market for a premium product that more than competes in terms of revenue and looks but which gives operators the flexibility to update their content when they are ready – kind of on a pay as you go basis,” adds Paul. 

FatCat is looking to take on the big cats and EAG is likely to be the launchpad for the Ace of Games Ultra – featuring eye-catching twin 24-inch screens and the redeveloped HD menu. The games have all the specifications of their rivals in the market, are compliant with the leading payment wallet technologies and all the necessary protocols. 

“It’s an exciting time for FatCat and an opportunity to tackle a different end of the market from that which we have been previously associated with. It has taken a great deal of investment but we are confident that this product will appeal to those looking for a truly independent product from a truly independent supplier,” concludes Paul. 


Introducing Ace of Games Ultra.

FatCat are delighted to announce the release of our brand-new Ace of Games ULTRA cabinet. Ace of Games ULTRA is our latest digital CatC & B4 offering exceptional value with proven performance. 

The Ace of Games ULTRA cabinet is our first brand new cabinet and features a super-fast EFCO 6100 gaming PC alongside 2 crystal clear 24” monitors. The ULTRA cabinet also features configurable LED lighting making the Ultra cabinet both modern and attractive to the player. 

To capitalise on the new technology, we have rebuilt every game in full HD giving a premium gaming experience at a fraction of the cost of our competitors offerings. The cost savings are not only in the initial cost of the machine but also in the ongoing operational costs with no dongle or ongoing content fees.

The FatCat Ace of Games ULTRA features...

No Dongle Cost
You Only Pay For Our Regular Game Updates As And When You Want

Full HD Menu & Games
Crystal Clear Gaming On The Dual 24" HD Screens

New Gaming PC
Features With Super-Fast, Brand New EFCO 6100 Gaming PC

CatC/B4 Switchable
With Ace Of Games EVERY Game Is CatC & B4 Switchable Not Just A Few

Variable RTP
Simply Switch From 70% to 98% In Seconds

Unique Content
The Only CatC/B4 With Virtual Racing. A Players Favourite.

Cashless Payment Ready
Industry Standard Cashless Payment Option Available.

Dataport Enabled
BACTA Dataport Enabled Ready For Any Customer That Requires It.


Ace of Games Menu5 Release.

With our biggest update to date, the Ace of Games Menu5 features 4 new games along with a new intuitive menu. Rebuilt from the ground up for a better player experience, the new dynamic menu features the innovative “Hybrid” menu where the B4 menu can now feature both B4 & CatC games. Individual games can now be disabled and completely removed from the menu.

The Ace of Games Menu5 features 4 exciting new games...

Mexicana Chillitime – CatC & B4

The fabulous new 5X3 Slot with Wild Reels, Chilli Reels and Chilli Run Bonus Features.

Giant Gems – CatC & B4

The fantastic new 5X3 Slot with Wilds, Free Spins and Both Way Winlines also featuring Pots and the Giant Gems Feature.

Cosmic Crazy Cash – CatC & B4

The incredible new 3X3 Slot with Wild Reels, Cashteroid and Planet Pots Bonus Features.

Monsters of Rock – SWP

This ghoul themed quiz game is our most feature packed SWP to date loaded with features coupled with a great soundtrack.

It also features the new Game Payment Technology SSU Support. The latest software-based solution for digital machines.

We have also overhauled the “Attract” mode where it now includes a new button attract which sees analogue style button scrolling when in attract mode. There is also a major update to the video attracts which now features multiple eye-catching attract videos.

We’ve also added multiple hardware support so you can configure replacement peripherals with different types and models at the touch of a button.

On top of all that we’ve added over 50 improvements to make operating you Ace of Games even easier.

Current Menu5 test figure shows up to 120% cashbox increases over the Menu4 (2021) game menu and over 200% over the 2018 and 2019 game menus.


Ace of Games Menu5 New Games.

The Ace of Games Menu5 features 4 exciting new games...

Mexicana Chillitime – CatC & B4

The fabulous new 5X3 Slot with Wild Reels, Chilli Reels and Chilli Run Bonus Features.

Giant Gems – CatC & B4

The fantastic new 5X3 Slot with Wilds, Free Spins and Both Way Winlines also featuring Pots and the Giant Gems Feature.

Cosmic Crazy Cash – CatC & B4

The incredible new 3X3 Slot with Wild Reels, Cashteroid and Planet Pots Bonus Features.

Monsters of Rock – SWP

This ghoul themed quiz game is our most feature packed SWP to date loaded with features coupled with a great soundtrack.


Ace of Games Menu 2021 Release.

The new Ace of Games menu 4 update features Contactless Payment using the Game Payment Technology system. The update also features various operational improvements such as adding a “Hand Pay” feature and updated DataPort functionality.


FatCat Softworks to add both Virtual Horse and Dog racing to Wexel Gaming platforms.

FatCat are delighted to be working closely with Leisure Electronics a company well respected across the Bingo, Gaming and Betting markets. With Leisure Electronics exceptional linked gaming platforms deployed across many markets FatCat’s Virtual Racing platform was a natural fit. Since its release on our Ace of Games CatC & B4 cabinets in 2019 our Racing Riches Virtual Horse Racing game has proved to be one of the most popular games on the menu. With an improved version featured in the new 2020 menu and Racing Riches Virtual Dog Racing scheduled for the next menu, we see Virtuals as an important part of our offering across our product range.

With horse and dog race betting continuing to rise across global markets and the advantage of Virtuals available 24/7/365 we see this exciting new revenue stream as an important part of any game offering.

it was important for us to work closely with the development team at Leisure Electronics to ensure we deliver a robust product suite that can be easily integrated into existing hardware offerings while allowing simple migration onto future products to maximise customer exposure. Uniquely our Virtuals have been developed to be played as scheduled races or play on demand across single or multiple terminals displaying the races on individual terminals or separate big screens. Designed to be easy to play by novice and experienced sports bettors alike we looking forward to seeing Racing Riches Virtual Racing enjoyed across multiple platforms in multiple markets globally.

Sean Young Commented

The team at Wexel Gaming are proud to announce that they have agreed terms with FatCat Softworks to add both Virtual Horse and Dog racing content to their existing platforms. We have been looking for a quality virtual racing content supplier to compliment our product range for some time. FatCat have some great content that will work exceptionally well with our Gtab self service tablet product as well as our other platforms. What makes this agreement exciting for us is that FatCat have a very similar culture to ours in that they are very creative, are keen to develop new markets and have a real can do attitude. The integration is coming along nicely and we will be doing some trials in the first part of Q2 with some of our existing international customers. Post trial we will be looking at some bespoke versions of our existing hardware to really compliment this new product line.


The All New Ace Of Games In The Triple 7 Cabinet.

FatCat continue to grow their product line with the release of the highly successful Ace of Games on the ever popular Triple7 cabinet. With new facilities to help keep up with production demand, the roll-out of the new cabinet means the Ace of Games is available for immediate delivery in either CatC or B4/CatC switchable.


FatCat HTML5 Games showing success in Bingo Halls.

Exiting times ahead as we deliver “Showtime Rainbow Wheels”, our 3rd HTML5 game to NRM. Our first release, “Cash Machine” is already showing great signs of success and we’ve seen unprecedented interest in our unique “Jackpot Chip Roulette”. All games are available as Category C and B4.

As part of our ongoing development program, all these games will be available soon on our hugely successful “Ace of Games” cabinet and our £100 Casino Paragon kits for Games Warehouse and Entnet cabinets.

All of our products are DONGLE FREE so get in touch now to discuss how our products can help you earn more money.