The Complete Gaming Machine Monitoring & Management System.

What Is Quonnect?

Simply put. Quonnect is the most comprehensive machine management and monitoring system there is.

Quonnect allows you to see all your connected Ace of Games machines in real time.

Simply connect to the Quonnect Web Portal from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and get instant access to a world of real time data from all your Ace of Games machines.

You can monitor machine connection data, hopper levels, machine errors, game, financial performance and more.

Quonnect gives you total control over your machines enabling you to remotely monitor game charts, plays, average stake, cashbox share, VTP, wins, payout percentage as well as monitoring machine cash in, cash out and total machine cash levels.

You can also set alerts to desktop, laptop or mobile for key events such as machine errors which means Quonnect will notify you instantly when there is something unusual or wrong with your machines giving you you peace of mind 24/7/365.

Quonnect also enables us to download new games and undertake system updates. In the event of a security issue, you can disable games and peripherals.

Quonnect is the complete machine monitoring and management system connecting the operator, the venue and the player.

If you would like to know more on how Quonnect can reduce site visits, operator time and costs just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

Quonnect For the Operator

Monitor Machine Connectivity & Health
Manage Payout Device Float Levels
Manage Note Recycler Denomination
Manage Cashless Devices
Manage Machine Category
Enable & Disable Games
Manage Game RTP
Monitor & Manage Individual Game
Manage Machine Lighting

Monitor Game Charts
Monitor Game Plays
Monitor Game Average Stake
Monitor Game Cashbox Share
Monitor Game VTP
Monitor Game Wins
Monitor Game Payout Percentage

Monitor Machine Cash In, Cash Out
Monitor Total Machine Cash Levels

New Games Remotely Installed
Controlled Software Updates

Create User Roles (Admin, Installer, User)
Complete Telemetry & Analytics
Monitor & Manage Machine "On" Times
Understand Your Players Better
Receive Alerts For Key Events
Reduced Site Visits
Reduced Operating Costs

Quonnect Portal

Telemetry & Analytics

To Help Understand Your Players Better

Peace Of Mind

Receive Alerts For Key Events including Machine Errors

Machine Connectivity & Health

Reduce Site Visits, Operator Time And Costs

Monitor & Manage Games

Monitor & Manage Game Content, RTP & Updates

Quonnect For The Venue

Latest Game Content
New Games Remotely Installed Earlier than non-connected machines.

• Telemetry & Analytics

• Monitor Machine Connectivity & Health

• Monitor Refill and Collection Data

• Monitor Machine Cash In, Cash Out

• Monitor And Manage Game Content

• Monitor and Manage game RTP

• New Games Remotely Installed

• Reduced Site Visits

• Controlled Software Updates

Fewer Site Visits

Using Quonnect Means The Operator Spends Less Time At The Machine Benefiting Both The Venue & The Players.