The ALL New

£100 Casino

Everything's Changed

Except It's Still Dongle Free

The ALL New

£100 Casino

Forget What You

Think You Know

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Welcome £100 Casino

The Lowest Cost Digital CatC With Brand New PC

For Any GWH Or Entnet Paragon Cabinet

No Dongle Costs

Only Pay For Our Regular Game Updates As And When You Want.

Fully Customizable

£100 Casino Is Now Available With NV11 or NV10.

Cashless Payment Ready

Industry Standard Cahless Payment Option Avilable.

11 CatC games

The £100 Casino 2020 Menu Features 6 New Games.

Variable RTP

Simply Switch From 70% to 98% In Seconds.

Dataport Enabled

BACTA Dataport Enabled Ready For Any Customer That Requires It.

Unique Content

All The Games Are Exclusive To £100 Casino.

Switchable SWP Content

Enable SWP To Create A "One Cabinet Fits All" Solution For Smaller Sites.

Full Product Support

Faults Are Uncommon But We're Always Here If You Need Help.

The Widest Range Of Games On Any Paragon

With More Game Variety, £100 Casino Attracts A Wider Range Of Players.

There Is No Other Digital AWP For Paragon Cabinets To Offer More CatC And SWP Content.



£100 Casino

The FatCat “£100 Casino” Video AWP/SWP is the most cost effective way to continue to use your Paragon cabinets.

Taking all the benefits of a multi game Video AWP and combining it with exclusive SWP content.

“£100 Casino” features classic 5 Reel Slots, Roulette, Poker and Bingo.

In creating “£100 Casino” our goal is to create as extensive a variety of games possible to help attract as broad a player base as possible.

The NEW “£100 Casino” also features a BRAND NEW PC fitted with a Solid State Drive. This finally allows you to continue to operate your Paragon Cabinets without the headache of unreliable technology causing expensive downtime.

The Greater The Player Base, The Bigger The Cashbox.


Try £100 Casino

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to see how £100 Casino can work for you.

With Plug & Play Kits Or Complete Cabinets, Operating Paragon Cabinets Has Never Been Cheaper.

£100 Casino Is Available To Suit Your Needs


" We have purchased a number of the £100 Casino conversations from FatCat. The great advantage we have found is RELIABILITY. With the original PC’s failing on a regular basis, having a replacement with brand new parts makes the machines ultra-reliable. Not only do we save in service calls we benefit in the cashbox having the machines on working all of the time. With no ongoing costs for software/dongles, the FatCat solution really is a Win-Win! "

Chris Street
Invicta Amusements

" I have been operating £100 Casino for some time now and I am delighted with the reliability and cashbox. "

Steven Tinsley
Newcoin Automatics

" I had a number of Paragons with nothing wrong with them except the PC tower was dead. One call to FatCat and the next day the new kits arrived and they were up and running in minutes. The next week they were sited and earning money instead of taking up space and gathering dust. "

John Marriot
Sterling Amusement Machines

" With no ongoing costs, a new PC and great content, £100 Casino is clearly the best option for people operating Paragon cabinets. "

Gary Parks


Latest Games


It's Showtime

"Rainbow wheels".

Irish Themed 5 Reel Slot With No Lose Wheel Feature And Pots.


Jackpot Chip


Classic Roulette With Unique Jackpot Chip feature.



Cash Machine.

Simple To Play, Anything In View Pays. Just Spin To Win.




This Superb 5 Reel Slot Features A Unique Dart Board Feature.



Pots Of Gold.

This Exciting 5 Reel Slot Features A No Lose Feature Wheel And Pots.




The Original Showtime 5 Reel Slot With Its Classic No Lose Feature Wheel.


£100 Jackpot Cat C Games


New Cat C Games


Best Of Breed SWP Games


Cabinets Types Available


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£100 Casino Manual (R1 May 2020)